IMG_20160802_171542634_HDRGISHWHES (pronounced GISH-whez) is the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen.  Today we visited with MVNU 2016 graduate Emily Holt about her team of 15 people participating in this year’s event, including Chris Morrison (pictured here with Emily).

Emily’s team gets points for being interviewed live on a radio or TV station, so WNZR was honored to give her that chance today!

You can hear more about this Monday when we feature Emily’s team on #MeetTheTeamMonday.

We had a STUMPER on Game Time Tuesday, so that comes back next week…we also gave away our last pair of tickets to see Matthew West and Lauren Daigle at the Ohio State Fair Saturday night. Congratulations to Breanna from Fredericktown for winning the tickets!

Today’s Word of the Day was glower (GLAU-er or GLOW-er), which, as a verb, means to have an angry or sullen look on your face.  That scowl look is glower as a noun.

Thanks for listening!