Joe and Kay running

Today’s show featured our music trivia games and a few interesting stories…

The picture you see above is of Joe and Kay O’Regan, who recently celebrated their 80th birthdays and 57th wedding anniversary by running a marathon! The O’Regans ran the Cork City Marathon in their native Ireland.  They’ve been running together since they turned 49.  They’ve also run marathons in Australia, Germany and the United States. That’s inspiring!

Read more about the O’Regans here from Runner’s World magazine.

…and how about this 9-year-old?


Tyler Fugett of Clarksville, Tennessee donated more than 100 books to the Montgomery County jail library. Books that he bought on clearance with his allowance! Read more here from

Song Poetry – ‘There is Power’ by Lincoln Brewster – congratulations to Lisa of Danville who won the $5 certificate to Troyer’s of Apple Valley.

Word of the Day: campestral, which means ‘of or relating to fields or open country.’ Its root word is the Latin word campus, which means ‘field.’

Thanks for listening!