As a kid, I lived through the fads of Star Wars action figures, the Rubik’s Cube, the Sony Walkman and too many more to mention…I’ve also had to be culturally connected doing radio for years. So as a parent, I try to stay aware to some of the big fads, both tangible and virtual, that can ramp up and become popular overnight. Here’s the deal – we can’t be ignorant about this stuff.

The latest fad is the new app called Pokemon Go. Eddie and I talked about this from a parental perspective today, and as our self-described ‘resident nerd,’ Eddie explained what the app is and how to be safe when using it.  You can hear our discussion HERE.

(for the full-blown nerdery, here is also a primer article from Jeva Lange at The Week that you can link to here.)

We also had a mystery question for Mystery Monday. We asked what odd thing 1 in 10 adults enjoyed the taste of, and the answer was envelopes!  Elaine from Butler correctly guess this and won a gift certificate to Troyer’s of Apple Valley.

Our Word of the Day was tweedle, which is a verb that means ‘to lure by music,’ or can be the production of a high-pitched sound.

Thanks for listening!