goal postEddie, Jess and I are back from four days of planning for the 2016-17 school year at our annual WNZR Leadership Team Bootcamp.  It was quite an eventful weekend of spiritual renewal, planning our calendar and getting to know each other. It started Wednesday night with a photo scavenger hunt. Here was the first picture I sent the group where I was ‘hiding.’ Can you guess where it was? (The answer is at the end of today’s post)

THANK YOU for praying for our staff as we prepare for the remainder of the summer and the start of the new school year.

This week, we’re getting ready to enjoy another First Friday and spend time with friends and family for the Independence Day holiday.

Today’s Mystery Monday question came from a recent Gallup poll about professions – 85% of Americans surveyed in December said this profession ranks highest for honestly and ethics.  The answer was nursing; congratulations to Lorna from Mount Vernon for guessing correctly and winning the $5 gift certificate from Troyer’s of Apple Valley and the Pier House Coffee Shop.

Our Word of the Day is crackerjack, which is an adjective meaning ‘of striking ability or excellence.’

Thanks for listening!


(the answer to the picture question is Kenyon’s McBride Field…that’s the base of the north goal post!)