heart shield2 heart shield
(photos courtesy of the U.S. Army Militaria Forum)

Today we remember the significance of this day, June 6, where 72 years ago Allied Forces landed over 160,000 troops on the beaches of Normandy.  The event was a turning point in Europe during World War II.

The Museum of the Bible shared today in its daily email that during the war, Heart Shield Bibles were produced to fit in a soldier’s pocket.  These gold-plated steel bibles were a protection from bullets but also contained an inscription of encouragement from President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Today we also brought back the Mystery Box. I hid and you helped Eddie guess the item, which was a mini Twix Bar!  Congratulations to Susan of Mount Vernon who won the $5 gift certificate to Troyer’s of Apple Valley. Let’s just say Eddie enjoyed eating the mystery today.

Today’s Word of the Day was a proper one: Normandy, the site of the primary D-Day landing. Normandy is a region in northern France along the English Channel, invaded and settled by Scandinavians in the 10th century.

Thanks for listening!