Audio A album

Today our Song Poetry lyrics were:

From the lips of those you saved, a redemption song will rise;
Every tongue, every tribe; hear the church your bride.

The song? Audio Adrenaline – Sound of the Saints! Congratulations to Pam from Fredericktown for guessing correctly.

Our Name That Tune clip was from Stars Go Dim – You are Loved. Betsy from Mount Vernon was our winner for that contest.  Both receive $5 certificates from Troyer’s of Apple Valley.

Today’s Word of the Day comes from the novel Don Quixote – DULCINEA (dull-sih-NEE-uh or dull-cee-NAY-uh), which means a lady love or sweetheart.

Today is also Brother’s Day, so my best to my brothers, Jeff and Jim!  Thanks for listening.