Today is ‘Middle Name Pride Day,’ so we spent a few minutes sharing our middle names and the stories or meanings behind them.

Jessica’s is PAIGE, which can mean ‘young servant’ according to the website Behind the Name.

Joe’s is DALE, which is a third-generation Rinehart family middle name (his late grandfather and dad also share this middle name).  Dale originally was name given to someone who lived beside a dale, or a large valley.

Annabelle’s is LYNN, which was also her maternal grandfather’s first name.  Lynn means ‘lake’ in Welsh.

Faith’s is CATHERINE, which is a French name meaning pure and clean.

Here is this week’s NZ Top 10:

10. Danny Gokey – Tell Your Heart to Beat Again
9. Jeremy Camp – Same Power
8. Lauren Daigle – Trust in You
7. MercyMe – Flawless
6. Chris Tomlin – Good, Good Father
5. Big Daddy Weave – My Story
4. Matthew West – Grace Wins
3. Jordan Feliz – The River
2. Stars Go Dim – You Are Loved
1. Casting Crowns – Just Be Held

Today’s topic-driven word of the day is: SURNAME, which means a hereditary name common to all members of a family.

Thanks for listening!