Jess beach hairToday we continued our Praise Thursday discussions on our Lifeline 2016 theme, “Build Your Kingdom Here.”

Jess sent me this picture of her on the beach in North Carolina trying to take a picture, but the wind just wouldn’t cooperate!  It reminded me that sometimes, there are lots of potential barriers to our projects.  They can be physical or mental, even natural like in this picture.

Our challenge this year for Lifeline is to allow ‘His construction crew’ to start a kingdom project in us…and we know that the process of allowing Jesus to have control and reign in our hearts can sometimes be painful.  The web blog ‘Taking it Deeper’ by Sterling Tarrant compares the process to stepping on a toy building block in the middle of the night…the pain to your bare foot is real. Sometimes our effort to remove the barriers to the throne of our heart (see Ephesians 4: 25-32 for ideas of barriers) can be painfully real.

In the end, the pain we experience in the process of building pales in comparison to the joy in seeing His kingdom take root in our lives and the lives of others.  The song reminds us that ‘the hurt, the sick (and) the poor’ will be at peace.

Jess continues her week long road trip to North Carolina and Faith is with the MVNU service team in Belize.  I know both of them would certainly appreciate your prayers for traveling safety.

Our word of the day is CAMARADERIE (com-ROD-uh-ree), a noun that means a spirit of friendly good fellowship.

Thanks for listening!