Jess 5

(picture) Annabelle, Jess and April enjoy a Tennessee waterfall!

So this February 29th is a one-of-a-kind day, in more ways than one…

MVNU is on its new academic calendar, so spring break is a bit early this year and is two weeks, allowing trips that used to happen in January to happen now. Faith is overseas working on a mission trip in Belize (see last Wednesday’s post). Jessica and a couple friends are taking a road trip down to the Carolinas…here’s a little bit more about it from her:

Since it is spring break at MVNU, I get to take a week off of the show to do some traveling! Myself, along with Annabelle Harray (WNZR’s production director), and our friend April, are road tripping all over the place this week. Today (Sunday) we got up and departed Mount Vernon just after 6am and headed to the Smokey Mountains. After several hours of driving, a pit stop for lunch in a random Kentucky park, and sitting in traffic on the side of a mountain for over an hour, we finally made it to Gatlinburg, Tennessee around 3:30 pm. We rode on an awesome alpine coaster, which is like a little personal roller coaster you control that takes you on a scenic ride throughout the outskirts of the Smokey Mountains. We also hiked for a little bit in the National Park and got to see a really cool waterfall and some amazing views of the mountains. It was really awesome to be able to spend a few hours in nature, just taking in God’s beautiful creation. Up next – Asheville, North Carolina!

The Mystery Monday question asked what the Top 10 comfort foods were in a recent Harris poll.  I gave you #1 – pizza, and #10 Mexican food…Michelle called in to guess three more, and got #2 – chocolate, #3 – ice cream, and #8 popcorn.

Today’s Word of the Day is LEXICAL, an adjective meaning: of or relating to words or the vocabulary of a language as distinguished from its grammar and construction.

Thanks for listening!