lifeline banner-01Lifeline 2016’s theme is Build Your Kingdom Here, based on the song by Rend Collective. Today for Praise Thursday we continued talking about the meaning behind the song and why we chose it for Lifeline.  Our theme verse is Luke 17:20-21.

The website Taking it Deeper had a recent post about the song where they focused on the word build and asked us to think about the verb ‘building.’

“When it comes to the Church, most of us equate it to a structure on a street corner.
Instead try thinking of a church as something that is being built in the hearts of millions of people around the globe. The church is the people, not the building. Is it being built in your heart everyday? Here are ways you can tell: Are you becoming more caring toward people? Meeting their needs? Praying for them? Are you building up more and more compassion in your life? Putting others first?”

How can we build his kingdom in our hearts? That is where it has to start.  We want to focus on this theme this year.  We have an amazing opportunity to build God’s kingdom with the airwaves.  WNZR is committed to reaching people with a positive message of grace and hope.  Help us to be kingdom workers by being the hands and feet of God.

Word of the Day
Have an angry or sullen look on one’s face; scowl.

Have a great night,