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Last week we started the discussion about our Lifeline 2016 theme, “Build Your Kingdom Here.”

This week, we’re asking and answering this question: why should we WANT to build His kingdom in our hearts?  To me, one answer became clear last Sunday in church, when our youth pastor, Brian, spoke very transparently about how the “Gospel means everything.” It’s the good news that Jesus brought that fuels a desire to make room for Him in our hearts.

But what is that good news?  Luke 15 gives us some perspective. When Jesus tells the parables of the lost sheep, the lost coin and the lost son, we learn some very important elements of the beauty of the Gospel…

1- Every person is important to God. Why else would the shepherd leave 99 to find one lost sheep?

2- God celebrates when a lost person is found. All three of these parables don’t end with a scolding, they end with a celebration!  Just like heaven does when a lost soul is found.

3- While we may turn away or turn our back on God, he never turns his back on us!  God never stops in his pursuit of us. He doesn’t turn his back on the straying ‘son or daughter.’

4- God has compassion for the lost. The father in the story of the prodigal son extends his love and acceptance his boy returns, miserable after trying life on his own.

When we build his kingdom in our hearts, he gives us his heart when it comes to lost people.

Today’s word of the day is: deasil (DEE-zil), which simply means, clockwise!

Thanks for listening…