February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness day!  What act of kindness have you done today? Random acts of kindness can impact positively impact others.  When I day random, I mean random.  Make your act unexpected.  As Christians we are called to live our lives differently.  Our greatest commandments are to love God and love others.  Today Jess and I are challenged to this in our own lives, and we hope you are too!

When you are kind to others it makes your day a little brighter! As a soccer player, sometimes I get discouraged.  I’ve realized that if I encourage others I feel uplifted myself! So, today what random act of kindness will you do?  Jess and I found a link that gave us ideas of acts of kindness that can be done any day, any time.
Random Acts of Kindness

See if you can use our word of the day as you go and act kind! Today’s word of the day is: celerity
1. swiftness; speed.

Have a great Wednesday night!

Photo courtesy of res.goochlandschools.org