phone charger
Today our Mystery Monday question was: This activity costs the average American about 60 cents a year.

The surprising answer was: charging our cell phones!

So I did some digging…really?  Only 60 cents a year? I found an article from the utility blogging group OPower that studied how much electricity an iPhone 6 takes to charge. They found that based on the average price of electricity, it takes about 47 cents a year to charge your battery once a day. 52 cents for the iPhone 6 Plus.

How did they figure this?  It takes 10.5 watt hours to charge the phone.  Electricity costs around 12.3 cents per kilowatt (that’s 1,000) hour. 10.5 x 365 = 3,832.50 watt hours or 3.8325 kw hours. Take 12.3 cents  x 3.8325 and you get 47.1 cents. Easy, right?

By the way, a laptop costs 14 x more to power up each day = $6.58/year
A Desktop? 49 x more = $23.03
An XBox? 61 x more = $28.67
AN HDTV? 71 x more = $33.37

Today’s word of the day was ENCOMIUM (en-COH-mee-um), meaning a formal expression of high praise; it can also be a eulogy. Example: An encomium by the president greeted the returning hero.

Thanks for listening!