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It’s freezing outside and snow has fallen and left us driving, walking, and playing in it! As much fun snow can be it can create some challenges and I know this weather stresses me out! Today for Who Knew Wednesday we shared some tips on dealing with this winter weather from!

Most of the time we forget about our furry friends! During this cold weather we need to make sure we keep an I on our pets! Here are the tips we talked about today.

  • Keep them inside: They’re just as susceptible to hypothermia as we are. Long-haired breeds have a higher tolerance, but they also have their limits.
  • Check the paws: While out on a walk, their feet may suffer from the effects of snow or a cold sidewalk, like cracked or bleeding paw pads. Watch for ice accumulation between their toes also.
  • Dress ’em up: Especially for short-haired breeds, a good coat can ward off the chill on a walk. Make sure your pet sweaters are always dry.
  • Wipe them off: Their paws and bellies may pick up antifreeze, salt and other traces of de-icer. Wipe them down before they lick them off, risking poisoning.

This weather also gives us some challenges for driving.  We mentioned some tips that will help you prepare for the potential hazards! Here are a few tips we thought were very helpful!

  • Top up fluids: Not only keep your windshield wiper fluid at a good level, make sure it’s designed to remain fluid in extreme cold conditions
  • Spray your car windows with 3:1 mixture of distilled vinegar and water to prevent icing.
  • Change the battery: You should do this every three years or so. With cold weather looming, that’s as good a time as any.
  • Get an emergency kit: If the car breaks down on the road due to the cold, you’ll need: blankets, food and water, booster cables, flares, tire pump, and a bag of sand or cat litter (for traction), flashlight, battery-powered radio, and extra batteries, first-aid kit and plastic bags

Speaking of Emergency kits, Jess and I think they are a great idea! In case of an emergency it’s important that you are prepared for anything! Thinking ahead will help you be ready for those situations.  Here is a link that gives you tips and helps you build your own emergency kit:

Jess wants will be leaving for LA Film spring of 2017! Hopefully she will work in the film industry! The Word of the Day is for her!

1. any person, especially a director or producer, associated professionally with filmmaking.

Have a safe, snowy, Wednesday!