Those boughs of holly…be careful with them!

Today on WHO KNEW we talked about different berries and their role at Christmas. Many people decorate with fake holly because the berries are poisonous and can make people and pets sick.

The acai berry (pronounced uh-SAI) is from Brazil and other parts of Central and South America and tends to be popular around New Year’s because it can promote weight loss and has numerous antioxidants. WebMD has a great summary here.

The cranberry is native to the Eastern US and Canada and is one of the few fruits or berries grown while submerged in water.  Yea, like on those Ocean Spray ads with the cranberry bogs. It’s usually not eaten raw because it’s so tart, but adds a sharp flavor to many dishes at holiday time.

Our word of the day was RASPBERRY – an edible soft fruit related to the blackberry, consisting of a cluster of reddish-pink drupelets (those are the round things; about 100 per each average 4 gram raspberry).

Congratulations to Logan and Neveah – our winners in the WNZR Christmas Gift Exchange!  Thanks for listening!

-Joe and Jess