Today on Praise Thursday we continued to discuss the five habits to help us lead like Jesus from the book Lead Like Jesus. We focused on solitude which is being completely alone with God.

Jesus modeled solitude for us:

  • When preparing for the tests of leadership and ministry, Jesus spent forty days alone in the desert. (Mathew 4)
  • Before Jesus chose His twelve apostles from among His followers He spent the night alone in the desert hills (Luke 6)
  • When Jesus received the news of John the Baptist’s death he took a boat to a lonely place. (Mathew 14)
  • After the feeding of the five thousand, Jesus went up in the hills by Himself. (Mathew 14)

It was in these times of preparing to lead, making important decisions, handling bad news, and dealing with praise and recognition that Jesus modeled for us the value of spending time alone to seek re-calibration of our spiritual instruments for finding the “true north” of God’s will and pleasure.

Where in the World is Colton Dixon?

Casey Gray found Colton Dixon at the Gazebo, in the Grove on the Mount Vernon Nazarene University Campus.  She has won two tickets to Sonfest 2015 on September 26th!

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noun- a prolonged and bitter feud or rival