Today was Game Time Tuesday on the Afternoon Drive,  and Faith and I gave away some Aladdin Jr. tickets!

We played song poetry with the lyrics, Yeah, it’s like a new day/ Woke up to hear You say/ I came to give you life/ So spread your wings and fly. Lisa from Fredericktown called in and guessed that those lyrics belong to Jamie Grace’s song Do Life Big.

We had a buzzword stumper for the word “after”.

We also told you it was Get Ready Day, a day where we are reminded to make emergency preparedness plans. You can read more on that day here. We also told you about this website, where you can find tons of information on how to plan, and what exactly you should even plan for.

Our Word of the day was viridity, a noun meaning innocence. You can read more on that here.

Have a terrific Tuesday evening!