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The Afternoon Drive welcomes a new co-host today – Faith Orecchio!

Faith is a junior at MVNU from Marysville, OH.  She a journalism and media production major, public relations minor and a member of the women’s soccer team.  Faith plays what she calls “holding mid,” which means a midfielder responsible for slowing down an opponent’s attack.

Some other fun facts about Faith:

favorite breakfast food: pancakes

favorite song we play: Brother by Needtobreathe

favorite movie: The Sound of Music

We also played BUZZWORD with ‘stick’ today…Jennifer of Mount Vernon was out winner and got two tickets to the Dispatch Home and Garden Show next weekend in Columbus.

Our word of the day: MAUNDER (MON-der), which means to talk in a rambling manner.

Song poetry: Just how much air I will need to breathe/When your wave crashes over me/There’s only one way to figure out Will you let me drown?

Thanks for listening!