cereal_cartoon_eyes1Today was Mystery Monday on the Afternoon Drive!

I had a Mystery Question from an I article I read on a study from Cornell University on the psychology of cereal boxes. You can read the full article over here. I asked what one thing on a cereal box increases brand trust by 16%.

After receiving multiple guesses in the first few minutes, including box tops, a note that the cereal contained a certain vitamin, that it was made with whole grain or less sugar, cartoons being on the box, or there being a mascot, Sam from Shreve called in and correctly answered that eye contact from the cereal box’s mascot is what increases brand trust by 16%. I highly recommend checking out that study I linked above, because it has a lot of other interesting information.

I also told you about how our Big Blue Crew went on the road to Louisville, Kentucky for the Nazarene Youth Conference last week and this past weekend. I also told you about all the awesome videos they put together that you definitely want to check out. Here are the links:

(Just click on each title to watch that video)

NYC15 Recap – Day 1

NYC15 Recap – Day 2

NYC15 Recap – Day 3

NYC15 MVNU Flash Mob

NYC15 – How Will You Shine Forth?

NYC15 – Wrap Up

I also told you about the Tenth Avenue North tour stopping in Ohio this fall. They will be at Mansfield Christian School on Friday, October 9th at 7:00 pm. You can get tickets for this concert over here.

Our Word of the Day was clerisy, a noun meaning a distinct class of learned or literary people. You can read more on that over here.

Have a great week!