christmas picture for ad blogDon’t let the title of this post freak you out!

Since our Big Blue Crew is gearing up to go on the road this weekend to Christmas In July, the annual food drive to benefit Interchurch Social Services, I decided that I would do this week’s Who Knew Wednesday all about Christmas!

For information on Christmas in July, you can click here.

First, I shared some fun facts about Christmas trees, which you can find here and here.

I also shared some information on Christmas shopping. You can check out the infographic on that over here.

You can find the Top 10 American Christmas Traditions list that I shared by clicking here.

The fun facts I shared about Christmas cards is here.

And, my favorite list, the Top 50 Christmas Toys of the Last 100 Years, which shows the most popular Christmas toys by decade, is over here.

Our word of the day was nabob, a noun meaning a person of great wealth or importance. You can read more about that here.

Have an awesome Wednesday evening!