On today’s Afternoon Drive, we gave you everything you need to know about our Take Dad To Dinner promotion.

With Father’s Day coming up in just under 2 weeks, we want you to tell us why you love your dad and why you want to take him to dinner. Just go over to our website (click here) and click on the Take Dad to Dinner banner for the entry form. Then, on Friday, June 19th, the Morning Thing will share some of these messages on-air and then draw 4 lucky dads to win some awesome prizes! Each winning dad will receive a $25 gift certificate to Jake’s Restaurant located on Coshocton Avenue in Mount Vernon. They’ll also get an NIV Bible and will have the chance to choose 2 prizes from a our special Father’s Day prize stash, courtest of Gospel Supply Shop, including:

  • The book, “A Father God Blesses”
  • A perpetual calendar with 366 inspirational messages
  • The CD “Dad: A Son’s Greatest Hero, A Daughter’s First Love” featuring songs from artists like Sidewalk Prophets, For King & Country, Mark Schultz, and more of your favorite artists
  • The CD “Sometimes It Takes A Mountain” by the Gaither Vocal Band

It was also Game Time Tuesday and we had a Buzzword stumper with the word “Bill”.

Our word of the day was pica, which is an abnormal desire to eat substances that are not normally eaten, such as chalk. Joe read a little bit from an article about pica that we got from kidshealth.org. You can check out the entire article here.

Thanks for listening and have a terrific Tuesday evening!