Today was Mystery Monday and we had the return of the Mystery Box. After several people called in to guess, Trisha from Mount Vernon correctly guessed that Joe had hidden chocolate covered cherry jelly beams in the box.

We also gave updates on the TobyMac tour that will be in Columbus this October. Tickets for that went on sale today and you can get them here.

Also, we announced some information on SonFest 2015, which will take place on Saturday, September 26th. Colton Dixon, Leeland, and I Am They have all been confirmed and more artists will be added to the lineup soon. Make sure you stay tuned to WNZR for more information on SonFest 2015.

We talked about Say Something Nice Day, a day started in Charleston, South Carolina to promote being nice and positive to others. Joe and I will have a continuation of this tomorrow, as we’ll be sharing song titles that say something nice.

Our word of the day was fiduciary, an adjective that means involving confidence or trust, especially in reference to the relationship between a trustee and beneficiary. It’s also a noun, simply meaning a trustee.

Have a great week and don’t forget to say something nice!