Today, we celebrated the release of the NEW Hillsong UNITED album, EMPIRES. The album released today and features 12 songs, one of which we will be introducing during this week’s NZ Top 10. We also talked with Jonathan Bock about their movie, Hillsong: Let Hope Rise, which will be releasing this fall.

For Game Time Tuesday, we played Buzzword with Alicia from Fredericktown, who won a VeggieTales DVD. The Buzzword was old.

We also played Song Poetry with the lyrics “Your glory like a fire, Awakening desire, Will burn our hearts with truth”. Katie from Mount Vernon correctly guessed that those lyrics belong to Meredith Andrew’s song, Open Up The Heavens.

Our word of the day was flapdoodle, a noun that simply means nonsense. It’s a really fun word and I encourage you to start using it in your everyday conversations. You can read more about it here.

Have a great week and thanks for listening!