Last week, Marcy, Rachel and I had the chance to attend MVNU’s fall musical, “Same Old Story.”  It was a great night full of laughter and another reminder that I am blessed to work with a very talented group of students on this campus.  Kudos to Prof. Ryan Long, the cast and crew for a great run!

The night also provided a blessing I wasn’t expecting.  I ran into one of our listeners at the show and as we greeted each other, he said, “I pray for you guys every day…and I mean that.”

I can’t tell you how much that simple comment motivated me for the rest of that night and into the weekend.  I knew he wasn’t kidding or making small talk.  It is incredibly humbling on so many levels.  What we do at WNZR is truly a partnership between our staff and you.  I can’t express how much we appreciate those prayers.  I can’t express how much we need those prayers.

The last few weeks have been a typical roller coaster for our staff…between illnesses, family deaths, the challenges of class assignments, mentoring, grading, staying on top of events, and technical issues, your prayers ARE making a difference!

Thank you!