In advance, happy Valentine’s Day from us here at the Afternoon Drive and WNZR!

The season of love is upon us and we’re celebrating with the 16th Annual WNZR Valentine’s Banquet. Unfortunately, tickets are no longer on sale, but we are excited to host this event for the community. The theme of the event is “Love Take Me Over”, after the Steven Curtis Chapman song of the same name. $1,000 worth of door prizes, a full Italian buffet (featuring chicken parm, fettuccine alfredo, salad, breadsticks, chocolate layer cake and more!), and a message about a Marriage Journey’s Top 10 from featured speakers Drs. Yvonne and Dennis Schultz are all part of the festivities. We hope to see you there!

The 2014 Winter Olympic Games are upon us, and it seems that all eyes are upon Sochi, Russia. You can keep up to date with Sochi by tuning into the More Than Gold Olympic Updates at 8:30am, 12:30pm, and 5:30pm on WNZR. You can also tune into the station on Wednesday for Who Knew?! Wednesday; Josh and Joe will be sharing some interesting Olympic facts with you to keep your brain ticking on your drive home.

WNZR is gearing up for Lifeline 2014, our annual fundraiser. We’re hoping to raise $60,000 to fund our station for the next year. We would appreciate any form of donation, but would greatly appreciate your prayers for our station in this time. If you would like to find out more information, please visit

Now, onto the point of the title of this post: something new! The Afternoon Drive will be making a concerted effort to AT LEAST write a blog post once a week. We want to connect with our listeners in a way that is much more than just a radio show, so subscribe and enjoy! Also don’t forget to follow us on twitter and like us on Facebook! Find us with these links:

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Thank you so much for listening to The Afternoon Drive and WNZR!

-Joe, Josh and Rachel