One of the advantages to working at MVNU and WNZR these past six years is that I’ve been able to experience a very exciting movement of quality Christian-themed films.  Seeing the work of these creative people helps underline what you mean when you’re teaching mass media and trying to encourage students to strive to do excellent work for God’s glory.

Thursday night (2/2), Marcy, Rachel and I had the chance to see an advance screening of the new film, October Baby.  The movie is the work of the Erwin brothers, Jon and Andrew, two extremely creative guys who have been involved in producing music videos for artists like Casting Crowns, Switchfoot and Skillet.  They have worked crew for major college and pro sporting events through ESPN and FOX.  Jon also assisted on the recent Sherwood Pictures film, Courageous.

The movie is about a college girl, Hannah (played by Rachel Hendrix), who has a health setback and in the process, discovers that she is adopted, and her parents adopted her after she survived a failed abortion.  Hannah then sets out on a journey to discover the full truth about her past.

The story is original because it presents a side to the “sanctity of life” issue that has only been told before through documentaries…the story of the survivor…a real person struggling to understand, “why me?”  This story resonates because you can relate as an adult, parent, teen, friend or relative.  I don’t want to give away too much of the movie, but I truly believe this film will impact people and make them consider the value of our power to forgive, and its important place in the life discussion.  It didn’t come across “heavy-handed” to me, just very real.

The quality of acting is solid, helped by the presence of seasoned pros like John Schneider (Dukes of Hazzard, Smallville) and Jasmine Guy (A Different World).  Hendrix is outstanding, portraying a real innocence as the sheltered daughter of loving but over-protective parents.  Also look for recording artist Chris Sligh in a goofy supporting role.

I highly recommend that you support this movie when it releases on March 23 nationwide.  Check out more about the film at