Yea, I realize I stole the name of an 80’s movie for this post, but it works…

We just finished up our long week at the Knox County Fair, and even though there were some extremely hot days, it sure was great to get to see and talk to so many of you.  There were some new things this year, like the amazing community support of the Smith family on sale day, the very entertaining EuroBungy ride right behind our tent, and our first-ever broadcast from the Jr. Fair Sale of Champions.  Then there’s the stuff that you just expect- Porkette sandwiches, sitting in traffic after the Rough Truck contest, battling to keep ants out of the tent, Figure 8 school bus smash-ups, etc.

I also love seeing so many hard-working kids in our 4-H programs that restore my faith in the leaders of tomorrow.  Getting to talk to some of them Thursday during the sale made me realize that great families are alive and well in Knox County, and we at WNZR need to stay the course-  providing a radio station that encourages and supports them in their marriages, parent-child relationships, and most importantly, their relationship to God.

I can’t say thanks enough to the many folks who make the Knox County Fair special.  The Sr. and Jr. Fair Board do a great job.  Special thanks this year to Jim Shipley, Linda Lahmon, Rochelle Adam, Larry Hall and Byron Rock for their direct impact on our broadcasts this year.  John Curtis and Rod Atherton were amazing in getting our sputtering golf cart up and running. 

To Kim Bradley and her helpers  from Mount Vernon First Naz- the snacks were awesome!  Thanks for being salt and light to our community.  And our staff- great job!  I have a great team in DJ, Jayme, Derek, Sam, Christa, Nikki, Marcy and Rachel.

Now we move into August, and the schedule just keeps on moving…tomorrow we’ll join the MVNU Alumni Association for Faith Day at the Reds-Giants game (with Mercy Me concert to follow), Monday it’s David Crowder Band at the Ohio State Fair, and then before you know it, First Friday, the Dan Emmett Music and Arts Festival and Veggie Tales.

I hope to see you before the summer ends on our GREAT ADVENTURE!

– Joe