Thanks so much for your support of WNZR! We have just met our goal of 60,000 dollars! It is such a blessing to see this community help us grow and reach more people for Christ. We had over 250 families or individuals give to WNZR during Lifeline this year and 80 new donors to the station as well. The number of new people giving to WNZR is the biggest encouragement to me. It means that we are still actively reaching more people in our listening area and that the power increase really has had an impact.

In the upcoming weeks and months WNZR wants to live out our theme for Lifeline. We want to Live Out Loud in Knox County and speak Biblical truth to help you (and us) grow spiritually everyday. WNZR exists because of your support, and because of your generous gifts we can continue to be at many events throughout the year. We can use these oppurtunities to “Live Out Loud” and give others a positive message they need to hear. That’s why we do what we do, and that’s why we need your help. Your support this year to Lifeline has blessed our ministry and we pray that our little radio station in Knox County, Ohio can not only bless you and your family, but bring the gospel to the world. Thank you very much and God bless!