I cannot thank you enough for your support of WNZR through Lifeline 2011.  When I see that over 70 new and over 150 past supporters have pledged to financially support this radio station, I am humbled and also energized to glorify God and serve you through our airwaves.

The fact that you would pledge your hard-earned money with WNZR in a continuing time of economic uncertainty has not gone unnoticed.  I cannot say thank you enough for the investment you are making in the future of Christian media and in the lives of our MVNU students.

I thought I would share a response I gave to our student newspaper editor when she asked about the inspiration for this year’s “Live Out Loud” theme:

The leadership team used a book called “Radical” by Pastor David Platt this summer at our retreat.  Platt cautions us not to let our faith be hijacked by the “me-first” culture that is so prevalent in the U.S.  Christ called us to a higher standard, focused on others and working diligently to redeem what is broken.  This happens both through actions and words.  The world needs to see that it’s the promise of the gospel that fuels us to live a life that shines differently.  We also know that you can’t have a positive witness if you’re ashamed of the gospel.  So when Paul tells the Roman church “I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes,” that is a good starting point (Romans 1:16).  He sets the table for the whole letter with that statement.  We have to believe, deny ourselves, and embrace the good news before we can ever hope to have the ability to live out loud.

Have a great week!