(NOTE: Joe is posting from the 2011 National Religious Broadcasters convention in Nashville, TN)

Well, we arrived in Nashville last night around 6:30 CST…once we got south of Columbus, the snow was gone and it was pretty much smooth sailing.

Jayme, Derek, Kaylee and Ashley are working as we speak on their 36DA competition :60 promo.  Their client is Gospel for Asia, and after an initial meeting last night, they spent some time with their representatives today.  They must turn in the finished project at 9 tomorrow morning.

This morning we arrived at the Opryland Hotel around 8am for registration and went right into a session with media strategist and futurist Mark Ramsey and social media expert Ray Mena of Emmis Interactive.  Mark consults on social media, radio, TV and web with companies around the world, and said one of the best things about Christian media is that we have a PURPOSE to what we do…he says a lot of media don’t really have “the end in mind” when they produce.  It was a great reminder that the strategies and gadgets are merely tools that God must influence to be truly effective.  If we rely on everything WE know, and push God out, we might as well pack it up and go home.

I also spent some time at lunch and in the conference hall listening to the MVNU women’s basketball game at Daemen in the AMC Tournament.  Even though they lost, I am proud of Coach Gregory and the team for having such an outstanding season.  We will certainly miss seniors Amanda Himes, Lauren Johnson, Kellie Jokela and Kelli Pollock.  Chris and DJ did a great job bringing the action back to MVNU, and to us listening online in Nashville!

On the docket for tonight…a trip to my favorite Nashville BBQ joint, Jack’s.  Can’t wait!  More updates to follow.