Well, if you’re my Facebook friend, you got a little dose of some of the annoying things we deal with in our line of work this week.  Here was my status update this morning:

What is it this week with mean people? I’ve had it. NEWS FLASH…if you want us to keep promoting your event, don’t call in and yell at us because YOU haven’t heard it yet. Then, when we explain how it is already in the on-air and web calendars, QUIT INTERRUPTING…(exhale).

Sometimes I feel like the station should have a huge sound effect with a horn that shouts: “Get your kindness armor on this week, folks!!  Mean people are out in force!” 

I don’t know if it’s the cold, the wind, the messy conditions this week, or what.  People seem to be on the warpath!!   So…just remember this- if you have something to promote or advertise, your approach and attitude with people in a business setting…and yes, we do run a business in an educational setting here…will make or break people’s perception of you and the event or cause you want to promote. 

And if you’re a professing Christian, the stakes are even higher, because you can easily destroy a person’s perception of Christians or Christianity by the way you treat other people.

It’s another good reminder that our Christian walk is not limited to the walls of the church!   So when you feel like unloading on someone…exhale, say a prayer, and think again.  And if you’re the one who got unloaded on, exhale, say a prayer, and know that this guy appreciates you!