Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with Michael Tait about the Newsboys’ upcoming stop in Columbus for WinterJam 2011 (Sat. Jan. 29; find the info here).  As you probably know, Michael recently joined Newsboys after many years in DC Talk and a solo career.

During our conversation, I shared with Michael that his song “God, Can You Hear Me?” (Lose this Life, 2003) has always been one of my favorites, because I think it speaks clearly to those “prodigal” moments we experience as believers…when we’ve fallen, stumbled or doubted and desire to get back to God’s presence.  The lyric, “I’m tired of pretending that everything’s allright” is the cry of many. Michael told me what led him to write the song:

“It came from a deep, deep place…a deep, deep cavernous crater, if you will…in my soul and my heart.  A place where we fall into sin, or you fall into a place where you’re unsure about a lot of things.  We doubt because we’re human…and I wish I didn’t doubt, but the fact is I do.  You cry out to God and say, ‘God, I know you’re out there…I know you hear me.  You’re the God of tomorrow and God of yesterday, but I need you right now.  I need you in the present, because I’m not sure where I am, what I’m doing, what my purpose is in this moment, but I need you to come in and rescue me…from this dark place, this place of doubt, of uncertainty.’  Every Christian has this moment, sometimes more than once, where we don’t know what’s going on.  We need God to be there to reassure us…to say, ‘Hey- every little thing is going to be allright- don’t give up!”

The best part is that we KNOW He hears us!  And when we lay down our will, we draw closer to Him.