While going through the book of Matthew on praise Thursday, we took a look at John the Baptist. In my mind he was one of the most crucial pieces to the Salvation puzzle. He had the crazy job of preparing the way for Christ, and we say that line……”He prepared the way”……a lot but what does it really mean?

John had the job of introducing the themes and messages that Christ would present in his ministry. John was the opening act in a concert featuring the greatest band of all time. He was the first person to really stand up against the hyprocracy of the Pharisees and leaders of the Church, he constantly encourged people to be baptized (hence the name), and he had disciples following him much like Christ did. The part of the story that really encourages me is his humility. John the Baptist was confronted by his disciples who were discouraged that Christ was taking some of his followers. John replied to them saying “He must become greater, I must become less.” He knew that Jesus’ ministry was going to change the world and that this was the reason he was sent to the earth……to PREPARE THE WAY.

This is what that phrase means. He started a revolution that Jesus would continue, and ultimately finish on the cross. Now it is on us……How will we continue the message of Christ? Will we take the role of a leader but still humbly follow Jesus like John the Baptist did? The road isn’t easy……but then again John’s life wasn’t easy either…….some food for thought.