Have you ever had “one of those days”? I’m sure you have. It’s a day that is out to get you and you can’t escape it. My particular “one of those days” took place last Tuesday. I was on my way in to work when I realized I needed to get some gas if I was going to make it all the way to Mt. Vernon. I stopped at the only gas station remotely close to me and walked inside to prepay. Upon reaching the cash register I saw a sign that read “Cash only, no checks, credit cards, or debit.” Of course, foolish me had no cash and was “up a creek” so to speak. With no gas stations close enough on the way to work, I was forced to back track 20 minutes and get gas. After researching the subject I discovered that credit cards have been out for 64 years and this place still doesn’t take them…………..

So my day was off to a rough start and it only got worse……..

I was heading home from work now and my car has no air conditioning, so I drive with my windows down. When I go home I started rolling up the windows as usual only to discover that my driver’s side, front window was no longer functioning. Of course it couldn’t get stuck in the “up” position because that would make the impending thunderstorm a lot less concerning. I urgently drove to my uncle’s house (the only person close to my house that knows alot about cars) and he was able to help me get the window up, but now I will have to purchase a new motor to go into the driver’s door.

Needless to say it was a rough day. I’m sure there was a life lesson to learn, but I haven’t discovered it yet. What I’ve learned so far is to always carry a couple bucks in your wallet, (or purse ladies) just in case. The other lesson is to bring a cold water bottle with you to work because it’s going to be a hot drive when your window won’t roll down.