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Song-spiration Thursday!


Today we continued sharing some of the stories and scriptures behind the songs we play here at WNZR.

You Are Holy (Prince of Peace) by Michael W. Smith – Psalm 138: 1-2 and Isaiah 9:6 helped frame this worship song which exalts Christ as worthy of praise and also encourages us to live our lives for Him.

Victor’s Crown by Darlene Zschech – if you were listening today, you know how much Joe LOVES this song! Watch Darlene talk about the inspiration behind it… CLICK HERE

Sparrows by Jason Gray – here’s what Jason shared about the song with New Release Tuesday: “The Lord knows how inclined we are to fear. Two of the greatest weapons in the Enemy’s arsenal against our hearts are fear and shame. There are hundreds of verses that tell us to not be afraid, and one of the most poignant of those is where Jesus is speaking and knowing how fragile we can be in our anxiety, He tells us that God takes care of the birds of the air and the flowers of the field and how much more He cares for us. The language Jesus uses is tender and gentle. Consider the birds of the air and the flowers of the fields, and aren’t we worth so much more? There’s a tenderness to it that is so kind and gentle. I wanted to capture that sentiment in the song.”

Our Word of the Day is cabal, a noun meaning a secret political clique or faction.

Thanks for listening!


Who Knew All About WNZR?!

Today was Who Knew Wednesday on the Afternoon Drive! Since we’re getting ready for our big 30th anniversary party this weekend (all the details are over here), I decided to talk about WNZR!

Here’s some of the highlights from WNZR’s history I shared:

  • In 1982, MVNC applies to the FCC for an educational, non-commercial broadcast license
  • MVNC received the construction permit from the FCC in January of 1986
  • October 1, 1986 is WNZR’s official birthday as stated in the FCC radio license
  • WNZR became “The Lifeline” in 1995 and held an on-campus contest for someone to design a logo. The current logo originates from the work of an MVNU student
  • Marcy Rinehart became the station manager in 1996

That’s just a little bit of WNZR’s exciting history. Make sure to come to our anniversary celebration to learn more and look through a photo gallery from the past 3 decades at WNZR!

Our Word of the Day was vamoose (vuh-MOOSS), a verb meaning to depart quickly. You can read more on that here.

Have a wonderful Wednesday evening!



Batman Day! (Mystery Monday)

Batman Word.jpg

Today for Mystery Monday we celebrated Batman Day, a day to celebrate the debut of the caped crusader.  For our mystery question we asked what comic batman originally appeared in.  Sherrisa from Howard called in and correctly told us it was Detective Comics #27, and she won a 5$ gift certificate to Troyer’s of Apple Valley.

Our word of the day for today is Bon Mot, a noun meaning a witty remark or comment; clever saying; witticism.

NZ Top 10 for 9/23/16


Here’s this week’s NZ Top 10:
10.Casting Crowns, One Step Away
9. Aaron Shust, Ever Be
8. Lauren Daigle, Trust in You
7. 7eventh Time Down, God is on the Move
6. For King and Country, Priceless
5. Jonny Diaz, Breathe
4. Jeremy Camp, Christ in Me
3. Hillary Scott & the Scott Family, Thy Will
2. MercyMe, Dear Younger Me
1. Ryan Stevenson f/Gabe Real, Eye of the Storm

New songs this week include: NEEDTOBREATHE, Testify
and Steven Curtis Chapman, One True God (click for videos)

SonFest 2016 is tomorrow – congratulations to Darcy and Lori for winning our LAST TWO pairs of tickets!

Our Word of the Day is mettle, a noun meaning vigor and strength of spirit or temperament, or stamina.

Thanks for listening!


Praise Thursday – Building 429

Today was Praise Thursday on the Afternoon Drive and we focused on Building 429.

We talked about their song We Won’t Be Shaken, which you can find here.

We also shared a devotional on the song, which you can find by clicking here.

Congratulations to Sally from Mount Vernon who was our SonFest ticket giveaway winner for today!

Have a great Thursday evening!


Who Knew About SonFest 2016?!

Today was Who Knew Wednesday and we talked all about SonFest 2016!

SonFest is taking place this Saturday, September 24th and you can find all the information you need over here. Congratulations to Paul from Howard who was our SonFest ticket winner for today. Make sure you tune in tomorrow and Friday for more chances!

And congratulations to Denise of Johnstown who won our Alice In Wonderland Jr. tickets! You can find out more into for that over here.

Our Word of the Day was afflatus (əˈflātəs), a noun meaning inspiration. You can read more on that here.

Have a wonderful Wednesday evening!


Sonfest Tuesday!


We are 4 days away from Sonfest 2016!  So to get ready for the big event we are giving away pairs of tickets to Sonfest to whoever can answer trivia about the artist.  Today’s winner is Tabitha from Howard who correctly told us that Finding Favour is from Georgia.  We will be giving away a pair of tickets everyday on the Morning Thing and the Afternoon Drive.

Our word of the day today is Nefarious, an adjective which means flagrantly wicked or impious.

Budding Mystery Box…


Today’s Mystery Box item ended up being Eddie’s ear buds…congratulations to Dan from Howard for helping me figure it out!

We also gave away our first pair of tickets to SonFest 2016, THIS Saturday at MVNU. Congratulations to Scott of Mount Vernon – he was our first winner. We’ll be doing this all week during the All-Request Drive Home. Tomorrow it’s SonFest artist trivia.

Our Word of the Day today is stentorian, an adjective meaning a loud and powerful voice!

Thanks for listening!


United Way Friday!

IMG_1110.JPGPhoto of Lisa Schott, Julie Miller, Kelly Brenneman and Katie Peterson on the set of “Good Morning Knox County.”

This morning we had the opportunity to attend the United Way of Knox County‘s kickoff breakfast for their 2016 campaign! If you missed the program, “Good Morning Knox County,” head over to and click the “On Demand” tab.

Their goal this year is to raise $1 million dollars by January of 2017. They are 26% of the way there with $260,549. We talked with the team about the campaign and how you can get involved! To hear from Executive Director Kelly Brenneman, Resource Development Coordinator Katie Peterson, Campaign Chair Julie Miller and Board Chair Lisa Schott, click HERE!

This week’s NZ Top 10:

10- Casting Crowns, One Step Away
9- Aaron Shust, Ever Be
8- Lauren Daigle, Trust in You
7- 7eventh Time Down, God is on the Move
6- For King & Country, Priceless
5- Jonny Diaz, Breathe
4- Jeremy Camp, Christ in Me
3- Hillary Scott & the Scott Family, Thy Will
2- Mercy Me, Dear Younger Me
1- Ryan Stevenson f/GabeReal, Eye of the Storm

Today’s Word of the Day is overweening, an adjective meaning exceedingly overconfident or proud. So…stay humble this weekend…and thanks for listening!


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