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NZ Top 10 – Lifeline is COMING!

As we kick off Lifeline 2019 on Wednesday, March 20th, we spent the show today talking about how God is on the Move in our community!
You can learn more about all the amazing events happening in our community here!
We also counted down the top 10 songs in Christian radio!

Here’s the countdown!
10. Build My Life – Pat Barrett & Cory Asbury
9. Known – Tauren Wells
8. Who You Say I am – Hillsong Worship
7. Even Then – Micah Tyler
6. Maybe It’s Okay – We Are Messengers
5. God Only Knows – For King and Country
4. Survivor – Zach Williams
3. Stand in Your Love – Josh Baldwin
2. Only Jesus – Casting Crowns
1. Best News Ever – MercyMe

Thanks for your support of our radio ministry and thanks for listening!
– Lilly and Joe


Praise God that He moves…despite us!

God IS on the move – that’s not up for debate!  It’s a truth we can rest in.  What we have to realize is that God will move despite us…so it’s a theme that reminds us not to get in the way or clog up what He is doing.

BUT…even though we know He moves despite us, we still should ask Him to move – our prayers and requests should be asking the Holy Spirit to move in and around us.

How do we get in the way?

One way is that we fail to embrace to fruits of the spirit – the very things we ask for that we fail to do ourselves.

Do we love well?                                                         Or get bogged down in hate?

Do we choose joy?                                                      Or choose grumpy?

Do we promote peace?                                              Or spread and promote conflict?

Do we demonstrate patience?                                  Or fly off the handle?

Do we offer kindness?                                               Or are we offering indifference?

Do we seek goodness?                                                Or seeking the negative and critical?

Do we ground ourselves in faith?                            Or trust our own understanding?

Do we embrace gentleness?                                       Or are we rough around the edges?

Do we embody self-control?                                       Or is it anything goes?

What about things like forgiveness? Think about this: if God forgave you like you forgive others, where would you be?

Is it more about Him?  Or more about us?

These are challenges for us to consider moving forward…

Thanks for listening!
-Joe and Todd



Who Knew Wednesday: Lifeline 2019 edition!

Today Lilly and I talked about Lifeline 2019 – which is only one week away! Can you believe it, but we can’t! We are all so excited here at WNZR!

If you want to know anything about lifeline, everything that we talked (and more!) about it is right on our Lifeline 2019 website! 

Who Knew Wednesday Trivia question: 

What was the theme for Lifeline 2009? (Our theme Ten years ago)

Answer: Stumper!

And because you checked out our blog, here is a little blog exclusive hint – If you are thinking Salt and Light, you are on the right track!


Thanks for checking out our blog!

-Hannah and Lilly

Artist News Day/Game Time Tuesday – 3/12/19

Today’s Artist Newsday focus was on: Bethel Music’s Amanda Lindsey Cook (above) and the mystery behind her recent social media post:  read more from JesusFreakHideout here!

Francesca M. Healy

And it’s higher than the mountains that I face
And it’s stronger than the power of the grave
And it’s constant in the trial and the change

-Kristian Stanfill, One Thing Remains – congratulations to Sherissa from Howard who guessed correctly…

Name That Tune (2)

-Selah, I Turn to You – congratulations to Barbie from Fredericktown…

BOTH win a $5 certificate to Troyer’s of Apple Valley

Thanks for listening!
– Joe and Todd

Mystery Monday

Today Lilly and I talked about something that is near and dear to our hearts; today’s Mystery Monday topic is – napping! Today is Napping Day and after daylight savings on Sunday – I know we could all use one of the puppies!

Know More About the History of Napping!

The Tips and Tricks that we shared today!

The Afternoons Drive's - Todays mystery question

Name Something You Associate With Sleeping 

  1. Snoring
  2. Bed
  3. Dreams
  4. Pillow
  5. Night

Congratulation to Sandi from Mount Vernon who guessed the top two questions and won the $5 gift card to Troyers of Apple Valley!

Thanks for listening to the Afternoon Drive!

-Hannah and Lilly

The NZ Top 10 for the Week of March 8th, 2019!

Welcome to the weekend! Here are this week’s Top 10 songs:

10. We Are Messengers – Maybe It’s OK
9. TobyMac – Everything
8. Lauren Daigle – You Say
7. Zach Williams – Survivor
6. Hillsong Worship – Who You Say I Am
5. Micah Tyler – Even Then
4. Tauren Wells – Known
3. MercyMe – Best News Ever
2. Josh Baldwin – Stand in Your Love
1. Casting Crowns – Only Jesus

Here are the new songs that we shared with you today!

Break out Hit of the Week! 

Lifted hands by Ryan Stevenson

Fan choice


A Bite-Sized Praise Thursday!

A father’s character begins with honesty
“Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord, but those who deal truthfully are his delight.”
Proverbs 12:22
The Bible clearly states that God always keeps his promises. In other words, He always speaks the truth. When a father can be trusted to speak the truth in every circumstance, he builds a bond of trust that pleases God and everyone in his family. Proverbs 13:3 says, “He who guards his mouth preserve his life, but he who opens wide his lips shall have destruction.” Guard your words with those you love, for they are watching your character as you tried to build up their‘s.
Forgiveness is a trait God loves
“Repay no one evil for evil. Have regard for good things in the sight of all men. If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men.” Romans 12:17–18
Forgiveness is an essential element in living in Christian life. When you choose to forgive someone who has hurt you or disappointed you, the window of God‘s forgiveness will open to comfort and heal your own heart. Everything you do should reflect well on the Savior who bought you with his own blood. Pleasing God with your words and deeds opens the heavens door to bless your life for His glory. If God has forgiven you of your transgressions – “As far as the east is from the west” (Psalms 103:12)- Should you not do the same for anyone who has offended you?
Tune in to 90.9FM to keep up this the first NAIA tournament game for the Cougars! GO COUGS!!

A Cold Who-Knew Wednesday

Thanks for tuning in and hanging out with us today on this chilly Wednesday!
Today, since it is so cold, we talked about ways to keep warm in the winter months!

We shared 12 genius ways to stay warm from Best Life! You can read the whole article here and read below to see the highlights!

1. Use a plant pot to create a makeshift room heater.
2. Use ice to trick the thermostat.
3. Run the Ceiling Fan in Reverse
4. Open up the curtains when the sun is out.
5. Turn on the oven.
6. Warm up your clothing before you leave.
7. Always wear a hat.
8. Run a hot bath.
9. Avoid caffeine.
10. Eat, eat, eat.
11. Drink water
12. Exercise.

Our Who-Knew question for today was related to the winter weather as well!
Q: Name something that is cold…
We were looking for the top 2 answers and they were…
1. Ice (with 37%)
2. Snow (19%)

Congrats to Molly from Mt. Vernon! She guessed correctly!

Thanks for listening and stay warm!
– Lilly and Hannah

Ash Wednesday Fast Facts

Today on the Morning Thing, we celebrated Ash Wednesday. This is the start of Lent which leads up to Easter. Click HERE for some facts and information on Ash Wednesday. As always, thanks for listening!

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