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NZ Top 10 6/23

I hope you’ve had a great week! Ready for the best way to end your work week?
Here we go!

9. Beloved – Jordan Feliz
8. Never Been a Moment – Micah Tyler
7. Unfinished – Mandisa
6. Love Broke Thru – TobyMac
5. Oh My Soul – Casting Crowns
4. I Have this Hope – Tenth Avenue North
3. What a Beautiful Name – Hillsong Worship
2. Home – Chris Tomlin
1. Even If – Casting Crowns

Our NZ Behind the Mic feature this week was from Grammy Award winning artist, Laura Story. Check out her song ‘Open Hands’ here, and check out her interview with New Release Today about the song here!

Our NZ Back to Back artist feature spotlight fell on Kari Jobe!
Check out her website here,
and check out her songs “I am not Alone‘ and ‘We are‘!

Our NZ Rewinds take us back to 2006 this week!
Check out Casting Crowns ‘Praise You in this Storm’ 
and ‘My Savoir My God‘ from Aaron Shust!

Our NZ New Music Friday came to us courtesy of For King and Country, and Zach Williams! Check out ‘O God Forgive Us‘ and ‘Old church Choir‘!

Our NZ Fan Choice of the week came to us courtesy of Olivia from Mt. Vernon! Priceless from For King and Country was her choice of the week! Check it out here!

Thanks for listening!
– Lillu

God’s Answers to Prayer

Good afternoon! I hope you’re having a great day! Today on the show I talked about the 5 different answers that God has to your prayers.
We first must establish that ‘no’ is an answer to prayer, and there are two answers to prayer that God gives us that actually involve the answer of ‘no’.

1. “Yes. Immediately”.
Sometimes what we pray is exactly in line with God’s will, as well as his timing, and His answer will arrive on the spot. We also need to realize that God is answering our prayers before we even pray the prayer. He says that ‘before they call, I answer.” God is simply not bound by time. He may start answering prayers ten years before you pray it/ He is, now, preparing things for you through the prayers you have yet to pray.

2. “Yes, in due time.”
We need to understand that a delay is not a denial. This answer is basically a “yes, but you’re not ready for it yet.” God is working behind the scenes in your life, waiting for a more perfect moment to unveil His amazing ‘yes’. If it is a “yes, but not now’ answer, what He is giving us is the faith and patience to wait for the right time to arrive.

3. “Yes, so you’ll learn from it.”
Sometimes God gives us what we want because He knows that it will teach us a lesson. We’re much better off trusting God to give us what we need, when we need it, and when we’re ready for it. There are moments when, if God gave us what we asked for, we would one day regret it, and we would thank Him for saying ‘no’. We need to pray freely using the Luke method (or the Hillary Scott method) by saying ‘not my will be done, but yours’, which is sometimes the hardest thing to pray in tough situations.

Now we enter into the realm of the tough answers. No.
This #4 is a toughy to hear…

4. “No, because your heart isn’t right”
Sometimes a no isn’t a ‘wait’, sometimes it’s us asking and not receiving because we are asking with the wrong motives, so that we may spend it on our pleasures. This is insanely hard to hear, but it is very good to have our hearts aligned with God, and having our requests, again, focused not on our will, but His. God isn’t saying no forever, but He realizes that we are not in a position to appreciate the gift or to handle it well. Besides, if it’s not God’s will, do we really want it anyway?

5. “No. I’ve got a better plan.”
Obviously, God knows what is best for his children, and we know that He has a plan for us, it tells us that in Jeremiah 29:11. Sometimes we ask too small, confined by our own limits and knowledge, not thinking outside of what we’ve seen and experienced.
We pray for a handful when God wants to give us a houseful.
WE ARE ALLOWED TO PRAY BIG PRAYERS! Never be afraid to pray boldly and for big things. When we ask for big things, we need to realize that God may just choose to amaze us even further. That’s why praying ‘Lord, will you do immeasurably more than I could ever ask or imagine in this situation?” because we know that He is a powerful God that can do just that, which it tells us in Ephesians 3. One of my favorite verses.

Here’s the prayer for today…

“Father, my default has been to think You probably weren’t listening, and even if you were, You’d probably say no. I bow before you today – more convinced than ever that I am in wise, loving, caring, powerful hands. Convinced that I can trust you. Convinced that every ‘no’ is some way to an even better ‘yes’. You said You withhold no good thing from those who love You. Thank You for letting me ask, and thank you for letting me know that Your desire is truly for my ultimate good. May I trust You even more and pray with even greater faith knowing You want to be glorified through my answered prayers.
In Jesus’ name, amen.”

Thanks as always for listening! Pray boldly.
– Lilly


Happy Wednesday and Happy Iced Tea Month!
On the show today, I gave you all the ins and outs and who knew’s about iced tea that you could ever want! Keep reading to find out about the history of iced tea, and some fun facts about my favorite beverage.

Though usually served in a glass with ice, it can also refer to a tea that has been chilled or cooled. It may or may not be sweetened. Iced tea is also a popular packaged drink. It can be mixed with flavored syrup, with multiple common flavors including lemon, raspberry, lime, passion fruit, peach, orange, strawberry, and cherry. While most iced teas get their flavor from tea leaves (Camellia sinensis), herbal teas are also sometimes served cold and referred to as iced tea. Iced tea is sometimes made by a particularly long steeping of tea leaves at lower temperature (one hour in the sun versus 5 minutes at 180–212 °F / 80–100 °C). Some people call this “sun tea”. In addition, sometimes it is also left to stand overnight in the refrigerator.

Variations on iced tea in the US…

  • In barbecue, soul food, and Southern cuisine-style, establishments, along with greasy spoons and general eateries, black tea is iced. This is by far the most commonly available form of freshly brewed iced tea, to which the above statements apply. Fruit-flavored teas and herbal teas are also popular iced.
  • Iced Chai (spiced Indian tea) is available from some restaurants and stores. While not traditionally served iced, in the U.S. chai is frequently served iced, with honey as a sweetener, or pre-sweetened when bottled.
  • Iced Jasmine tea, Genmaicha, and Hojicha are available from some Chinese cuisine or other Asian cuisine restaurants, but rarely. It is more common to find one of these

Variations on iced tea in Canada…
In Canada, iced tea refers to sweetened iced tea, flavored with lemon. The iced tea is usually made at home from drink powder or obtained in bottles or cans. Sweetened green teas and those flavored with raspberry, peach, or pomegranate are also becoming more common via marketing efforts.

Variations on iced tea in Turkey…


In a traditional tea-drinking country such as Turkey, with its own tea and tea culture, iced tea became popular when Lipton introduced it in the 2000s. Iced teas are a popular alternative to soft drinks. Lipton and Nestea were the two major brands until 2012, when the contract between Coca Cola İçecek A.Ş. and Nestea expired, Coca Cola replaced Nestea with its Fuze Beverage brand.

Iced Tea variations in the United Kingdom…

Although iced tea is not as widely consumed in the United Kingdom as the rest of Europe, the drink became more popular in the 2000s.[7] Lipton sold their carbonated iced tea, similar to the one sold in Belgium, in the 1990s. Recently,[when?] Lipton has returned to general sale of non-carbonated tea, quickly followed by Nestea and Twinings.


Thanks for listening!

Gold, Games and Elephants!

Good afternoon! I hope you’re having a great day!

Today on the show, we played Song Poetry, and Name that Tune for Game Time Tuesday!
Our Song Poetry prompt for today was…

“It’s time to get our hands dirty
Be love there’s a whole lot of hurting
Calling all hearts
Calling all hands
Calling all feet to take a stand”

Congratulations to our winner, Kimberly of Utica who answered correctly!
The song was “Be One’ from Natalie Grant!

Our Name That Tune today was ‘Gold’ from Britt Nicole!
Congratulations to Bre from Mt. Vernon who guessed correctly and won!

For uplifting news today, we talked about one of my favorite bigger animals, the elephant, and a 94 year old man who donned his flying jacket one last time!
Check out these heartwarming stories!

“Elephants in northern India have been sporting colorful woolen jumpers knitted by local women. Staff at the Wildlife SOS elephant sanctuary in Mathura were worried that the animals might not survive the freezing winter nights. All 20 animals there were rescued from abusive owners, and some remain physically frail. When the village women heard of the elephants’ plight, they knitted a bulk load of huge, pajama-like garments to keep them warm.”

A WWII fighter pilot has taken to the skies for the final time, at the age of 94. Dr Sandy Saunders suffered 40% burns when his plane crashed in 1945. He was given a skin graft by the pioneering plastic surgeon Sir Archibald Mcindoe, joining a group of patients known as the “Guinea Pig Club”. Saunders, who has terminal cancer, donned a flying jacket and scarf to fly a vintage Tiger Moth for a new BBC documentary. “It just brings it all back,” he said. “I wish I were young again.”

Our word of the day today was a fun one!
This is British slang. which means absolutely first-rate; superb; excellent. It’s used as an exclamation of approval,wonder, or pleasure.
Like many slang terms, the source or sources of whizzo are hard to trace precisely. The final -o is the common suffix used to form colloquial nouns and adjectives. The whizz part of whizzo may derive from whiz, a noun meaning “a person expert in a particular activity,” from the verb whiz “to make or move with ahumming or rushing sound.” Just as plausibly, whizzo may be an alteration and shortening of the colloquial British usage of wizard “excellent,” used as an adjective and exclamation. Whizzo entered English in the early 20th century.

Thanks for listening! – Lilly

A Cheesy Mystery Monday

Good afternoon!
Joe is on vacation this week, but I’m here holding down the fort!
Today on the show I talked a lot about dairy, because June is dairy month!
Check out the history of dairy month and some fun dairy facts below!

Also, do like my cheesy banner? HA! 🙂

Studying the history of Dairy takes us back far into the past, as dairy products have been with us since we first learned to domesticate an animal. You could even take it back a bit further and realize that the first food eaten by our most ancient ancestors was milk drawn from their mother’s breast. From there on out milk has been there to help us grow strong, healthy, and enjoy some amazing and delicious treats. 1937 saw the establishment of Dairy Month, a campaign to help encourage people to strengthen bones and build a foundation of good health by drinking rich, creamy, healthful milk. Throughout the nation dairy farmers start preparing to share the wonderful things that are included in the long and broad range of Dairy products.
Read more about the history of dairy month here!

Here’s some fun dairy facts!

  • A cow will produce an average of 6.3 gallons of milk each day.
    That’s more than 2,300 gallons each year!
  • U.S. dairy farms produce roughly 21 billion gallons of milk annually.
  • Fresh milk will stay fresher longer if you add a pinch of salt to each quart.
  • To get the amount of calcium in an 8-ounce glass of milk, you’d have to eat one-fourth cup of broccoli, seven oranges or six slices of wheat bread.
  • A cow is more valuable for its milk, cheese, butter and yogurt than for its beef.
  • More than 1,000 new dairy products are introduced each year.
  • A cow produces an average of 6.3 gallons of milk daily and 350,000 glasses of milk in a lifetime.
  • Cows eat about 100 pounds of food every day and drink 50 gallons of water.
  • Cows have an acute sense of smell, and can smell something up to six miles away.

Yes, of course you do. An 8-oz glass of milk contains around 300mg of calcium. You need around 600-700mg of calcium a day, but if you can’t get it from calcium rich dairy, you can get it from sources like spinach, kale, okra, collards, soybeans, white beans, and some fish, like sardines, salmon, perch, and rainbow trout.

For the Mystery Monday Mystery Question we delved into the average consumption of milk for the average American! Check out the question!
QUESTION: How many gallons of milk each year does the average American consume?ANSWER: The average American consumes almost 25 gallons of milk a year.

Congrats to our winner, Ruth from Utica, who guessed correctly and received a $5 gift certificate to Troyer’s of Apple Valley!

Thanks for listening!

NZ Top 10 6/16

We had a jam-packed show for you today, including the countdown, interviews from those involved in Relay for Life, and live check-in’s at the Danville-Howard Turkey Festival, as well as Relay for Life!

Here’s the countdown…

10. Forgiven – Crowder
8. Never Been a Moment – Micah Tyler
7. Unfinished – Mandisa
6. Oh My Soul – Casting Crowns
5. Love Broke Thru – TobyMac
4. I Have This Hope – Tenth Avenue North
3. Home – Chris Tomlin
2. What a Beautiful Name – Hillsong Worship
1. Even If –  MercyMe
Our NZ Behind the Mic feature this week was from ‘David Dunn’ about his song ‘Have Everything’. Check out the song here, and check out David’s interview with New Release Today about the song here.
Our NZ Back to Back Artist Spotlight today fell on Aaron Shust!
Aaron is on tour this summer, so you can check out his tour dates here, and also check out his songs Ever Be, and God of Brilliant Lights.

Our NZ Rewinds took us back to 1995, courtesy of Point of Grace, and Amy Grant!
Check out Dying to Reach You, and Lover of my Soul!

As always, thanks for listening!

Praises for shoe boxes, ACTS & festivals!


A big show today on the Afternoon Drive!  We shared our monthly spotlight on Operation Christmas Child and also continued our focus on prayer. Then at 5pm, we joined the Big Blue Crew at the Danville-Howard Turkey Festival.

OCC is giving away hashtag shirts this month that say #WeMakeDisciples. It reminds us that the ministry of Operation Christmas Child does so much more than just deliver shoe boxes. They offer a 12-step discipleship course called The Greatest Journey. Find out more by clicking here.

Our prayer focus this week was on the types of prayer, namely the ACTS model of prayer. This stands for Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication. The book The Battle Plan for Prayer by Alex and Stephen Kendrick shares that you can approach God in any and all of these areas as needed.  They can provide a natural progression as you pray.

Adoration: prayer that praises and worships God (hallowed be thy name)

Confession: prayer that gets honest about sin and staying right with God (forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us)

Thanksgiving: God-directed, humbly expressed gratitude (thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever)

Supplication: asking for something from God; a petition or appeal (give us our daily bread; lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil)

We hope to see you at the Danville-Howard Turkey Festival – find out more here!

Thanks for listening!
-Joe and Lilly

A Sunny Who Knew Wednesday!

Good afternoon! It was a hot one today, but we spent Who Knew Wednesday today talking about the benefits of sunscreen! Check out these sunscreen facts!

  • Apply sunscreen before you play, reapply every two hours or at the ninth hole. Don’t forget to apply on exposed scalp, the backs of hands, neck and ears.
  • Try to tee off at sunrise or late in the afternoon to avoid the sun when it’s most intense (10 am – 4 pm).
  • Between shots find some shade under a tree or in your cart.
  • Use a wide-brim hat to help shade your ears, face and neck. If temperatures allow, wear a long-sleeved shirt and pants.
  • Look for wraparound sunglasses that block UV radiation to protect eyes, eyelids and the surrounding area.
  • Treat overcast days like sunny ones, as up to 80 percent of UV rays can penetrate cloud cover.
  • It doesn’t matter if you are casting off the shore or in a boat, the same protections recommended for golfers work for anglers. Several studies have shown fishermen are at a high risk for skin disorders.
  • Try to find a shady area to cast from.
  • Sun reflecting off the water can burn you in areas you may not normally consider, like the backs of knees or under the chin.
  • The World Health Organization warns that every 3,200 ft. of elevation increases the intensity of UV rays by as much as 10 percent.

And I think we’ve all heard the term ‘SPF’, but do we all know what it means and how the SPF on a sunscreen really works? Read below to find out!

Most sunscreens with an SPF of 15 or higher do an excellent job of protecting against UVB. SPF — or Sun Protection Factor — is a measure of a sunscreen’s ability to prevent UVB from damaging the skin. Here’s how it works: If it takes 20 minutes for your unprotected skin to start turning red, using an SPF 15 sunscreen theoretically prevents reddening 15 times longer — about five hours.

You might be asking yourself what kind of sunscreen you should be using… well…
The answer depends on how much sun exposure you’re anticipating. In all cases we recommend a broad-spectrum sunscreen offering protection against both UVA and UVB rays. Read more about the type of sunscreen you should be using here!

Our word of the day today was aptly… Ultraviolet!
adj || [uhl-truhvahyuh-lit]
This means beyond the violet in the spectrum, corresponding to light havingwavelengths shorter than 4000 angstrom units. Or pertaining to, producing, or utilizing light having such wavelengths.

Thanks for listening!


A Super Mystery Monday

It’s like regular Mystery Monday but with a cape 🙂

Our first Mystery Monday question was…
“What is the name of Superman’s dog?”
The answer was Krypto! Congratulations to Thomas from Mt. Vernon for answering correctly and winning the $5 gift certificate to Troyer’s of Apple Valley!

The next question really put your brain to the test…
Who were the 5 actors that played Superman in the movies after Kirk Alan?

Our word of the day was ‘Fortress’
Noun || [fawr-tris]
It’s a
large fortified place; a fort or group of forts, often including a town; citadel, or any place of exceptional security; stronghold.

Thanks for listening!

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