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Who Knew Winter Squash was…


…a winter super food?

Here’s an article from the Healthy Living Magazine that tells some of the benefits…

Click here to read it and see recipes!

Today’s Word of the Day is gratitude, which means the state of being grateful or thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for listening!
– Joe


Game Time Tuesday

Today Joe and I talk lots about the upcoming holiday, you guessed it –  Thanksgiving!  We told you about lots of upcoming events that you find out about HERE.


Todays “Song Poetry” lyrics were:

Young and old, black and white
Rich and poor, there’s no divide
Hear the mighty, hear the powerless, singing

From the song “O God Forgive us” by For King & Country! Congrats to Toni from Mount Vernon who guessed and got it right!  She won a $5 gift card to Troyer’s of Apple Valley!


Our “Name That Tune” song was “Even If” by MercyMe! Congratulation to Nicole from Brinkhaven who won Name That Tune!


Our word of the day today was:


adjective    WIF-tee

Definition: eccentrically silly, giddy, or inane: ditzy


Thank you so much so listening to the Drive! – Hannah

Mystery Monday!

Today Joe and I talked lots about this holiday coming up – Thanksgiving! Or A.K.A Turkey day! We talked about our favorite Thanksgiving dishes and desserts – along with ways that you can recover from the turkey coma- drink lots of water, with a dash of lemon to help with digestions. For eye puffiness, you can try a cold compress or cooled black tea bags. 

We also paid tribute to Della Reese, who passed away this morning. To find out more click HERE. 

We also had a mystery questions for you! 

Our mystery question for today was a two-parter – 

A recent study asked how many people strongly dislike to strongly favor with having business’s open on Thanksgiving. 

What is the percentage of people who strongly favor having business’s open on Thanksgiving and what percentage strongly dislike it? 

The answer HERE!!!

Today’s word of the day is –

Fervid:    adjective     FER-vid


1 : very hot : burning
2 : marked by often extreme intensity of feeling


Thank you so much for listening to the Afternoon Drive! – Hannah 

Today on the Afternoon Drive, we switched gears a little bit and featured the MVNU Mens Basketball game against Indiana University Northwest!
That, however, doesn’t mean we don’t have an NZ Top 10!
Check out the top 10 songs of the week, and of course, the stats 🙂

10. Control (Somehow You Want Me) – Tenth Avenue North
NEW TO THE NZ TOP 10! \\ Debuting at #10
[Booted off ‘Home’ from Chris Tomlin
Home spent 31 weeks on the Charts and peaked at #2].
9. Oh My Soul – Casting Crowns
25th week on the charts \\ 1st week at #9
8. Your Love Defends Me – Matt Maher
2nd week on the charts \\ 1st week at #8
7. Hard Love – NeedToBreathe Ft Lauren Daigle
11th week on the charts \\ 2nd week at #7
6. Even If – MercyMe
34th week on the charts \\ 2nd week at #6
5. Word of Life – Jeremy Camp
5th week on the charts \\ 2nd week at #5
4. The Gospel – Ryan Stevenson
12th week on the charts \\ 5th week at #4
3. O Come to the Altar – Elevation Worship
17th week on the charts \\ 3rd week at #3
2. Broken Things – Matthew West
14th week on the charts \\ 3rd week at #2
1. Old Church Choir – Zach Williams
16th week on the charts \\ 10th week at #1

O’Lord – Lauren Daigle.
Two Weeks ago: #15 \\ Last Week: #14 \\ This Week: #11

Be sure to check out Jordan Feliz’s new song ‘Witness‘!
Also check out the story behind the song!

Going back in our WNZR Time Machine to 2000!
Check out or NZ Rewinds… Dare you to Move from Switchfoot
and You’re Powerful from Skillet!

Our NZ Top 10 Back to Back Artist Spotlight falls this week on Francesca Battistelli!
Check out her songs This is the Stuff (with the story behind it).
and ‘Free to be Me‘ (with the story behind it)!

Thanks for listening!
I’ll be on my way to Wisconsin this weekend, so I wish you a Happy Early Thanksgiving!

Praying Extraordinarily

Psalm 77:2 says, “I sought the Lord and my day of trouble. My hands were continually lifted up all night long.”

Many times, our prayer strategies go to the next level when situations reach a point of desperation. Health, finances, family struggles…these unexpected moments of intensity call for ‘drop everything’ prayer. It’s when you call or text friends to pray. Rally the church…prayer chains…everybody praying. Desperation can still be strategic.

This week, as we continue our series inspired by the Kendrick brothers’ book. The Battle Plan for Prayer, we’re focusing on how to pray extraordinarily.

The experience of Esther in the Old Testament led to the necessity for extraordinary prayer. You may recall how she, a beautiful young Jewish woman, was selected as a candidate for Queen of Persia when the king deposed his own wife. But from inside the palace, Esther learned from her childhood guardian, Mordecai, about a plan to exterminate the Jewish people.

The situation was dire – no less for Esther than anyone else. She wasn’t yet in a position to approach the king with any petition without permission. Customs of the day meant she could be lawfully killed for attempting to enter his presence. But she made a courageous call for extraordinary prayer: “So, assemble all the Jews who are found in Susa, and fast for me; do not eat or drink for three days, night or day. I and my maidens also will fast in the same way. And thus I will go into the king, which is not according to law; and if I perish, I perish“ (Esther 4:16).

The result of their praying was miraculous. The mastermind of the genocide was killed instead, hung on his own gallows, and Mortdecai, the Jew, was raised to a key position of leadership, charged with the state-sanctioned program of protecting the Jews from for the persecution. That’s the kind of prayer model the Bible guides us to follow.

There are three important elements of the extraordinary prayers in Esther: corporate prayer, fasting prayer and fervent prayer.


CORPORATE: Extraordinary prayer is a team effort. We read about this in Acts. The apostles gathered after Jesus’ ascension into heaven and prayed together.

When Peter was literally thrown into prison under heavy guard, “prayer for him was being made fervently by the church to God” (Acts 12:5). The night before his execution, chained between two soldiers, Peter was trying to sleep. Then an angel appeared, set him free and let him past the guards and gates on his way back home. As one old time author has said “the angel sent Peter out of prison, but it was the prayer that sent the angel.”

FASTING: They prayed with fasting. We know that fasting is one of the keys to prayer. But serious matters call for unusual sacrifice with focus, devotion and dedication.

God, through the prophet Joel, commanded his people to return to him “with all your heart…with fasting, weeping and mourning,“ (Joel 2:12).

Jesus, at the outset of his earthly ministry, prepared himself for the challenges ahead by committing to 40 days of fasting in Matthew 4:2. By taking time to deny the daily demands of our flesh to focus all of our attention on God, we can go more deeply and intimately into focused prayer in times of difficulty, strain, and emergency.

We fast because we mean business. Fasting together means we’re united in appealing to him and hearing from him. When it’s done in sincerity, God consistently honors it.


FERVENT: They prayed fervently, persistently and passionately. Circumstances can reach a point where our survival instinct alone can produce fervent praying. When the men on board the ship with the prophet Jonah began fearing for their lives, they called earnestly on the god they didn’t even know, begging for mercy from the storm (Jonah 1:14). God spared them.

But many situations in our lives and world are just as severe and call equally for fervent prayer. Sin is in our nature, pride is in our churches, heartbreak is in our homes and persecution happens among our brothers and sisters. The seeds of hardship and hospitality against Christians – experienced even now and many nations of the world – are already here on our shores. But is the church of God broken and surrendered? Are we willing to be “miserable and mourn and weep when necessary?” (James 4:9)

We know without a doubt that difficult times will come (2 Timothy 3:1). Jesus realistically told his disciples, “you will have suffering in this world,“ in John 16:33. “Do not be surprised “Peter said, “at the fiery ordeal among you.” When these problems reach an insurmountable breaking point, they require an unusual power that will only result from extraordinary prayer.


All of us tend to revert to a default level of praying – most likely an easier and more comfortable praying then we like to admit. But Jesus, in his own life, would ramp up the fervency of his praying depending on the need of the moment. From a joyful request, to praying all night, the crying out on his face before going to the cross.

Fervent prayer touches God’s heart. “The effective fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much” (James 5:16).  But imagine what the combined, persistent, united prayers of many righteous people, each of them fasting and praying, might accomplish. It doesn’t just connect – it works miracles, moves mountains, ushers in revival, and changes the course of nations. Extraordinary prayer can produce extraordinary results!

Lord God Almighty, I praise you that nothing is impossible with you. Train us and lead us into extraordinary prayer. Help us throw off any sin, surrendering ourselves completely to you. May we see the needs of our city and our nation the way that you see them. Unite believers in my church and community an extra ordinary prayer. May we walk in love, I agree and heart, fast and faith, and unite in for rent, persistent prayer. Bring revival and spiritual awakening to our land. Be glorified through us, oh God!


  • Thanks for listening!

Who Knew Wednesday!

Today Lilly and I talked about ” Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day”, we also shared with you some others things that you sometimes get swept under the rug when it comes to cleaning – like your electronic devices(Like laptop and cell phone), dishwasher

We first shared with you some step by step instructions on how to, well, clean out your refrigerator! Click HERE to read that list!

We also shared things that you don’t have to keep and things that you should never keep in your refrigerator – Click HERE for 25 things that you don’t need to keep in your refrigerator!

Once you get the fridge nice and clean, HERE are some ways to keep it that way!

Congrats to Richard and Wayne for being our caller number fives in the Totally tasty Tom Turkey Hunt! To find out more about Tom the Turkey click HERE.

Thanks for tuning in to the Afternoon Drive! – Hannah Radke

Totally Tasty Tom Turkey Game-Time Tuesday – Round Two!

Today Joe and I played three games! Song Poetry, Name that Tune and the Totally Tasty Tom Turkey Hunt!

Congrats to David from Fredericktown and Kassandra from Gambier for being our caller number five’s – they were both entered to win a Turkey. If you want to know more about the Totally Tasty Tom Turkey Hunt click HERE!

Congratulations are also in order to Clorisa and Marcia both from Mount Vernon! They correctly guessed these answers below to our Song Poetry and Name that Tune! They both won $5 gift cards to Troyer’s of Apple Valley!

Our song poetry lyrics from the song “Wonder” by Hillsong United were :

“I see the world in life
Bursting in living color
I see the world your way
And I’m walking in the light ”

Our Name that Tune song for today was “Revelation Song” By Phillips, Craig and Dean!

Joe also shared an uplifting (and funny)  news story about a ten-year-old boy who got bored, found some car keys and……click HERE to read the full story.

I shared an uplifting Devo from Sarah Young’s “Jesus Always” devotional today! If you want to know more about Sarah Young click HERE.

Thanks so much for listening to the Afternoon Drive!
– Hannah

Mystery Monday!

Steppin’ in to a brand new week here on the Afternoon Drive! (Haha. Mystery Box Pun).
(Read on to find out why that’s funny).

First thing’s first, he figured out that it was not very fragile and not edible.
He also figured out that the item “slides” pretty easily. (HA another item pun).
The item has a part that is made of a spongy material, and it is mostly used often outside.

From the sniff test, we learned that it is not a gardening item, nor is it a sports item.
We also learned that my feet have a medicated smell. So that’s a thing. Idk man.


  1. characterized by a pleasing rhythm; harmoniously ordered or proportioned.

    The English eurhythmic conflates two Greek adjectives: rhythmikόs meaning “set to time,rhythmical (movement)”; eurhythmόshaving the wider range of meanings “rhythmical, harmonious (in music, dancing, or song); regular (of a pulse);graceful, orderly (of a person).” The prefix eu- is from Greek an adverbial use of the neuter singular of the adjective eǘs “good, brave, noble,” very common in epic poetry. Eurhythmic is restricted in English to harmony and proportion in architecture and to the   system of exercise with music and dancing. Eurhythmic entered English in the 19th century for the architecture sense, and in the 20th century for the music and dancing sense.

    Thanks for listening!

A chilly one here in Mt. Vernon for Homecoming Weekend!
Counting down the top ten songs in Christian Radio, here’s your NZ Top 10!

10. Your Love Defends Me – Matt Maher
9. Home – Chris Tomlin
8. Oh My Soul – Casting Crowns
7. Hard Love – NeedtoBreathe ft. Lauren Daigle
6. Even If – MercyMe
5. Word of Life – Jeremy Camp
4. The Gospel – Ryan Stevenson
3. O Come to the Altar – Elevation Worship
2. Broken Things – Matthew West
1. Old Church Choir – Zach Williams

Bringing you new sounds for your Friday, New Music Friday brought us two great songs!
Check out ‘Rescuer‘ from Rend Collective and ‘Warrior‘ from Hannah Kerr!
Also check out the story behind Rescuer and the story behind Warrior!

Our NZ Top 10 Artist Back to Back Spotlight this week fell on Tenth Avenue North!
Check out their songs ‘Love is Here‘ and ‘Control’

Our WNZR Time Machine took us back to 1991 today!
Check out 4 Him’s ‘A Man You Would Write About’ and ‘Remember‘ from Crystal Lewis!

Thanks for listening!
Have a great weekend!

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