Mystery Monday

Today was Mystery Monday on the Afternoon Drive.

I hid something in the Mystery Box, and after the hearing, smell, and taste tests, Stephen from Mt. Vernon called in and correctly guessed the item in the box was Chick-fil-a Sauce.

We told you all about the Fredericktown Christmas Walk, which is happening this Saturday from 4 pm – 8 pm in downtown Fredericktown.

Our Word of the Day was advent, a noun meaning both the coming of Christ, or the arrival of a notable person, event, or thing. You can read more on that here.

Have a great week!


NZ Top 10 Thanksgiving Weekend

BEHOLD-bella-and-aerie-campToday I had the chance to “chauffeur” the Big Blue Crew of Cameron and Catherine for GO GREEN WITH BIG BLUE ON BLACK FRIDAY.  We had a good time driving around, giving clues and having listeners find us.

I also helped with the 5th annual We Run MV Turkey Trot yesterday…210 runners and walkers showed up at 9am at MVNU’s Chapel to take on a Thanksgiving morning run or walk.  We raised $1,210 and 847 food items (that’s just over 17 boxes)!  Thanks to everyone who came out.

This week’s NZ Top 10 is as follows:

10. Passion f/Kristian Stanfill – EVEN SO COME
9. Lauren Daigle – FIRST
8. Chris Tomlin – AT THE CROSS (LOVE RAN RED)
7. Francesca Battistelli – HOLY SPIRIT
6. Casting Crowns – JUST BE HELD
5. Jeremy Camp – SAME POWER
4. TobyMac f/Mr. Talkbox – FEEL IT
3. Jordan Feliz -THE RIVER
2. Big Daddy Weave – MY STORY
1. MercyMe – FLAWLESS

We also debuted the new song from Jeremy and Adie Camp’s daughters, Bella and Aerie, “Behold.” Bella is 11 and Aerie is 9.  Bella wrote the song when she was 10. See the video link here!

Have a great weekend!


Grand Thanksgiving fun facts!

Here’s a great read on some Thanksgiving fun facts from a CNN article a few years back…

Check out the photo of the official face of the new Mount Vernon Grand Hotel – thanks to Denny Taylor of MVNU for the picture!

The Grand

Remember that we’re bringing back GO GREEN WITH BIG BLUE ON BLACK FRIDAY this week…listen to The Morning Thing Friday morning for all the details!

Also, we’ll plan to see you at the annual WeRunMV Turkey Trot tomorrow morning, registration at 8:00, race at 9:00.  Also we’ll be at the Mount Vernon Christmas Parade and Walk Sunday – Rachel Radcliff and I will be pushing shopping carts in the parade for the 2015 Food For The Hungry drive!  Bring some cans and/or money to drop in our cart!

Our word of the day is cornucopia – meaning a symbol of plenty, usually using something horn-shaped, to show an overflowing of something good.

Thanks for listening and Happy Thanksgiving!  We’ll be back on Friday.


It’s Game Time!

Jess and I are excited to share our game experience!  We played LAZER TAG for Jess’ birthday this past weekend!  We had a blast! Jess’ favorite part was getting Kelsey and Annabelle out.  My favorite part was getting Jess out! Overall it was a great experience and many memories were made!

Faith and Jess

We also played some games during the show!  Today we played Buzz Word!  The buzz word was “HAPPY” and our winner for Buzz Word is Heidi from Mount Vernon!

We also had Operation Christmas Shoebox totals! They were absolutely outstanding! The Fredericktown location at New Life Community Church received 523 shoe boxes! The Mount Vernon drop off location at Brandon Baptist Church received 5323 shoe boxes!  Thanks to everyone who participated in Operation Christmas Child.
If you were not able to make a box you still can! Go to and pack a shoe box online!

Have a great Tuesday!




FFTH canned food drive results

Check out some Food for the Hungry news!

The FFTH elementary canned food drives ended last week and Marcy Rinehart along with Marti Tracey from sat down with Sonya Smith and Cindy Dolittle.  These women are heavily involved in the food drive and were excited about this years totals!

Marcy and Marti were also able to talk with Brandon and Gigi Gonzales-Cottrell from the Salvation Army.  They express their gratitude to this years totals. The food donated helps stock the Salvation Army’s shelves so they can help people in our community.

Have a great Tuesday!

Faith and Jess

Mystery Monday – 11/23

Today was Mystery Monday on the Afternoon Drive!

I started off the show with a Mystery Question about the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I asked what character has had more balloons than any other character in the history of the parade, and Rhonda from Mount Vernon called in and correctly answered Snoopy. You can find out more information and fun facts about the parade over here.

And speaking of parades, make sure you head out to the Mount Vernon Christmas Walk & Parade this Sunday from 1 pm – 5 pm in downtown Mount Vernon. The parade will start at 2:30 pm.

Head over here for all the details on Go Green With Big Blue on Black Friday.

The Operation Christian Child shoe box drive ended today, but you can still pack a shoe box online over here.

Have a great week!


Praise Thursday 11/19

We recapped the Marks of Maturity from Tim Elmore.  These are some ways to measure maturity.  Whether you are leading others to maturity or you are trying to reach it yourself these marks are very helpful!

A mature person:
1. is able to keep long-term commitments
Delaying gratification
2. is unshaken by flattery
finding nothing is as good as it seems and nothing is as bad as it seems
3. possesses a spirit of humility
Not thinking less of yourself but if yourself less
4. decisions are based on character, not feelings
Values and principles that guide decisions
5. expresses gratitude consistentl
Seeing the big picture and realizing how good they have it
6. knows how to prioritize others before themselves
Agenda revolves around others, not self
7. seeks wisdom before acting

Reminder The Morning Thing will be drawing the Totally Tasty Tom Turkey Hunt winners tomorrow at 7:30am!

Have a great Thankful Thursday!


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