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NZ Top 10 + New Music – 10/21

Here’s this week’s NZ Top 10:

10: The God I Know – Love & The Outcome

9: The Lion and The Lamb – Big Daddy Weave

8: Breathe – Jonny Diaz

7: Chain Breaker – Zach Williams

6: Christ In Me – Jeremy Camp

5: One Step Away – Casting Crowns

4: Thy Will – Hillary Scott & The Scott Family

3: Dear Younger Me – MercyMe

2: Eye Of The Storm – Ryan Stevenson

1: Priceless – For King & Country


This week, we added TobyMac’s song Love Broke Thru. Click here to hear it.

Our Word of the Day was evanescent (ev-uh-NESS-unt), an adjective meaning tending to vanish like vapor. You can find more on that here.

Have a great weekend!


More stories behind the songs…


Today we shared more of the stories behind some of the songs we play at WNZR.

The first: Lift Your Head Weary Sinner by Crowder. Watch the video here.

David talked with about the story in the song:

One of the main narratives and the arc of the Gospel, even back to the Israelites, was the exit from Paradise and a longing to return to a relationship between the created and their Creator. Our stories are all of being exiled and longing to return home. It feels like one of the main themes running through Scripture is home, the ultimate home being union with the Divine. This song is right in the middle of that theme that has been woven throughout Scripture and my album. This song is a turning point. The word “if” in the song lyrics “if you’re lost and wandering” represents how the idea of sin, which necessitates this distance between us and God, is inherent in each of us. 

The idea of atonement is that we as Christians have placed our faith and hope in Jesus and His blood sacrifice on behalf of our sins. We are raised to a new life and a new reconciled existence between our Creator God and us. We get the story of the Temple veil being torn in two and the blood of Christ allowing our access to God. When you get to that word “if” in the chorus, it’s all inclusive. Everybody can answer “yes, I’m lost and wandering.”

We also shared the story of I Can Only Imagine by MercyMe.  Click here for the video. Lead singer Bart Millard shared this story with The Christian Post in 2004:

When my father died of cancer in 1991, he left me with the assurance that he was headed to a better place. He used to always tell me that I was getting the raw end of the deal because I had to stick around here. For several years following his death, I would find myself writing the phrase, I can only imagine, on anything I could find. That simple phrase would give me a peace and a hope thinking about what my dad was finally experiencing.

Years later, in 1999, MercyMe was writing songs for an independent project. I remember coming home from a show and being wide awake on our bus at 2 o’clock in the morning. I was trying to write lyrics in an old notebook of mine, when all of a sudden, I stumbled across that phrase. About ten minutes later, the song was written. Some people say it’s amazing that it was written in ten minutes, when really it had been on my heart for almost ten years.

Finally, we shared the story of Fix My Eyes by For King and Country…Video here. here’s what Joel Smallbone shared with

We thought things were great and our lives had taken an awesome turn, but we took a step back and had a poignant moment while we were writing the song, asking ourselves who we are as people and as a band, and interjecting all of those things into a song. The chorus talks about everything from social awareness of third world countries, fighting for the weak ones, speaking up for freedom, fighting for abandon and risking it all for love. The chorus culminates in saying that we can do all of these things, but if we don’t fix our eyes, meaning repair our eyes, and fix our eyes on above, then all of these things are worthless. The bridge of the song was inspired by the hymn “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus.”

Our Word of the Day is paroxysm, a noun meaning any sudden, violent outburst; a fit of violent action or emotion.

Thanks for listening!


Who Knew: Fall Edition!

Today was Who Knew Wednesday on the Afternoon Drive and we talked all about fall!

First, we helped you figure out why leaves change colors in the fall. It all has to do with glucose and photosynthesis. You can find out more over here.

We also shared some other fun facts about fall, which you can find over here.

Our Word of the Day was colubrine (KAHL-yuh-bryne), an adjective meaning of, relating to, or resembling a snake.You can read more on that here.

Have an awesome Wednesdsay evening!



The clock is ticking…

clergy-appreciation-month-2016-01…for you to send your pastor some SERIOUS appreciation this month!

You can nominate your pastor for our weekly October prizes.  Find out more here.

You can also send them to breakfast on 10/29. Click here for the scoop!

Today’s Song Poetry winning song was Matthew West’s Do Something – congratulations to Ashley of Danville.  Our Name that Tune song was Love & the Outcome’s The God I Know – congratulations to Esther of Mount Vernon.  Both winners get $5 gift certificates to Troyer’s of Apple Valley.

Our Word of the Day is apotheosis – a noun meaning the ideal example; epitome; or quintessence of something.

Thanks for listening!


Birthday Box Monday!

For this Monday we had the return of the mystery box.  And today was a very special day for Joe, as he turned 48 today.  So in honor of his birthday, the mystery box item today was birthday cake!  Beth of Apple Valley was our winner for today!

Our word of the day for today is Nudnik which is slang a persistently dull, boring pest.

NZ Top 10 for October 14, 2016

micah-tylerWe debuted a new song today from new artist Micah Tyler called ‘Never Been a Moment.’

Read more about Micah here. See the official lyric video here.

This week’s NZ Top 10:

10. 7eventh Time Down – God is on the Move
9. Big Daddy Weave – The Lion and the Lamb
8. Zach Williams – Chainbreaker
7. Jonny Diaz – Breathe
6. Casting Crowns – One Step Away
5. Jeremy Camp – Christ in Me
4. Hillary Scott & the Scott Family – Thy Will
3. MercyMe – Dear Younger Me
2. For King and Country – Priceless
1. Ryan Stevenson f/GabeReal – Eye of the Storm

Our Word of the Day is mutable, an adjective meaning liable to or subject to change or alteration.

Thanks for listening!


Priceless Praise Thursday

priceless_officialposterToday we shared the story behind the music and movie project from For King and Country called Priceless.  Here is a link to the resource page for the movie that you can use to find our more information and share with family and church friends.

This link will take you to the Priceless campaign guide PDF.

We also shared the inspiration behind Lincoln Brewster‘s song and album Oxygen. Read the story from the Christian Post here.

If you click here, you can here the song Never Been A Moment by Micah Tyler, which we also shared.

Our Word of the Day was univocal (yoo-NIV-uh-kul), an adjective meaning unambiguous or having one meaning only. You can read more on that here

Have a great evening!

-Joe & Jess


Dove Awards Recap

Today was Who Knew Wednesday on the Afternoon Drive and I focused on our artists.

I shared several stories behind the songs from some of your favorite artists, and I also gave you some of the results from the 2016 Dove Awards that took place last night.

Lauren Daigle was the big winner of the night, taking home the awards for Artist of the Year and Pop/Contemporary Recorded Song Of The Year for Trust In You. You can find the complete list of winners over here.

Our word of the day was opuscule (ō-ˈpəs-(ˌ)kyül), a noun meaning a small or petty work. You can read more on that here.

Have a great Wednesday evening!


Song lyrics + clips = winners!


Today’s winning songs on Game Time Tuesday:

Song Poetry: Lauren Daigle – How Can it Be…congratulations to Bethany from Bellville
Name That Tune: Jeremy Camp – Christ in Me…congratulations to Dave from Valparaiso, Indiana
Both win $5 certificates to Troyer’s of Apple Valley

We also want to encourage you to purchase tickets for a member of your pastoral staff at our Pastor’s Appreciation Breakfast on October 29th.  The details are here.

Our Word of the Day is bailiwick, a noun that means a person’s area of skill, knowledge, authority, or work.

Thanks for listening!


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