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Who Knew About Holly & Mistletoe?!

Yesterday was Who Knew Wednesday on the Afternoon Drive! We talked all about holly and mistletoe. (A website crash caused us to have to delay our blog for a day)

Here are some Who Knew? facts about holly:

  • It grows mostly along the west coast of North America, from California to British Columbia
  • It tends to thrive in shade
  • The berries tend to be toxic; so if you have real holly, keep it away from pets and children. Yes, the berries look pretty, but they aren’t for eating! The leaves are also toxic.
  • Christians have identified a wealth of symbolism in its form. The sharpness of the leaves help to recall Jesus’ crown of thorns; the red berries serve as a reminder of the drops of blood that were shed for our salvation; and the shape of the leaves, which resemble flames, can serve to reveal God’s burning love for His people.

For information on mistletoe, head over here.

We also had a Troyer’s Trivia Question about holly: In the Christmas carol, ‘The Holly and the Ivy,’ the holly represents _________ and the ivy represents ________? The answers are Jesus and Mary.

Have a great evening!

-Jess & Joe

Game Time Tuesday!

christmasToday we highlighted some of the events related to this weekend’s Fredericktown Chrrstmas Walk. Find out more here at WNZR.FM.

Today’s Song Poetry song was ‘Dive’ by Steven Curtis Chapman…congratulations to Marian from Danville who won the $5 gift certificate to Troyer’s of Apple Valley.

Name That Tune was ‘When I’m With You’ by Citizen Way…our winner was Haley from Mount Vernon.

Our Word of the Day is quinquennium (quin-QUEN-ee-um), a noun meaning a five-year period of time.

Thanks for listening!

Construction Mystery Monday

EddieConstruction Hat.png

The Mystery Box returned for this rendition of Mystery Monday.  Our winner was a pair of brothers, Peter and Edward of Howard, they correctly guessed our item was a plastic construction hat.  They won a 5$ gift certificate to Troyer’s of Apple Valley.

Our word of the day is Toggery, a noun which means clothes; garments; togs.



Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear WNZR family,

On behalf of the Afternoon Drive, I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.  Personally, I need this time mentally, physically and spiritually and maybe you do, too.

I am thankful for you.  Marcy reminded us yesterday in our staff meeting that we are in the people business.  As someone blessed to be on the air at WNZR, I consider you to be my people and I’m glad you’re in my life.  I think it’s safe to write that accountability, mutual respect and high standards are important for you and for me and we’re in this together.

I am thankful for Marcy and Rachel.  My parents, brothers and in-laws.  I am very blessed to have this family that loves me despite my imperfections.

I am thankful for Jesus. He makes all the difference in my life.  He continues to pursue me, remind me, shelter me and yes, convict me.  He can ALWAYS be trusted.  He has also set my lifelong goal – to one day see Him face-to-face and encourage as many others as I can to do the same.

I am thankful for MVNU – it is a good place to work and learn. It’s full of many people who care and want the best for you and for me.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving break and I’m excited to finish 2016 STRONG. Thanks for listening!


Thanksgiving Mystery Monday

thanksgiving cornacopia.jpg

Today Mystery Monday, we started to do some Thanksgiving trivia and asked what year the first thanksgiving was celebrated.  Ruth of Mount Vernon correctly called in and told us it was 1621

Our word of the day was Duende, a noun which is Spanish for charm; magnetism.

NZ Top 10 + New Music – 11/18

Here’s this week’s NZ Top 10:

10: The God I Know – Love & The Outcome
9: King of the World – Natalie Grant
8: Dear Younger Me – MercyMe
7: Jesus – Chris Tomlin
6: The Lion and the Lamb – Big Daddy Weave
5: Eye of the Storm – Ryan Stevenson ft. GabeReal
4: Thy Will – Hillary Scott & The Scott Family
3: Chain Breaker – Zach Williams
2: One Step Away – Casting Crowns
1: Priceless – For King & Country

NEW MUSIC for 11/18 (click each for video)

Carrollton – Tell Me

Meredith Andrews – Receive Our King

Wendy’s Cougar Trivia – Junior Jordi Mas is the tallest player on the MVNU men’s basketball team. What height is he listed at? Answer?  He is 6-10. Congratulations to Stacey from Fredericktown – she wins the $5 gift card to Wendy’s of Mount Vernon!

Word of the Day: lambent, an adjective meaning playing lightly on or over a surface; something flickering, or softly bright or radiant.

Thanks for listening!

Drops in the Ocean…or Stars in the night

Today we shared more stories behind the songs we play on WNZR. Our featured song for the 4pm hour was ‘Drops in the Ocean’ by Hawk Nelson.  Lead singer Jon Steingard told New Release Today that Romans 8 influenced the song, especially verses 31, 38 and 39:

“What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?”

“For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” 

Read more about Jon’s story here.

The second Romans passage was also an inspiration for John and Korey Cooper as they wrote Skillet’s song ‘Stars.’  John told New Release Today that Philippians 4:6-7 also was important to the message of the song:

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

Read more on John’s reflections here.

Our Word of the Day is obfuscate, a verb meaning to darken or to obscure.

Thanks for listening!

Who Knew? Knox Needs…


Today’s Who Knew Wednesday focused on the MVNU efforts to support Food For The Hungry of Knox County…find out more about Knox Needs here.

This week we have the Knox Needs Marketplace 9am-2pm on Saturday at the Barn here on campus, plus the Turkey Trot Thanksgiving morning, a 5K starting with registration at 8am.

Our Word of the Day is pleonasm, a noun meaning the use of more words than are necessary to express an idea.

Thanks for listening!


Catching up…

tasty-tom-turkey-hunt-2016-01Some internet issues brought yesterday’s blog crashing down, so we’ll get two days worth in today…

Remember that the Totally Tasty Tom Turkey Hunt continues through Friday morning, when we draw FIVE winners of a 14-16 pound turkey from Smithhisler Meats. Listen for that turkey gobble and be the fifth caller to get registered!

We got a winner for our Name That Tune stumper from last week – Josiah correctly guessed that our song was “Stay Strong” by Newsboys.  Also Krissta from Mount Vernon was our winner in Song Poetry, guessing Natalie Grant’s “King of the World.”

Our Monday Word of the Day was hoke, a verb meaning to give a contrived, falsely impressive, or hokey quality to something — usually used with up, like “hoke it up.”
Today’s Word was manna, a noun meaning: any sudden or unexpected help, advantage, or aid to success, also the food from heaven provided to the Israelites in Exodus.

Thanks for listening!

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